The cost of the Cambodia visa is € 59,95 per person. For this total amount, the visa can be easily applied for online. The online application procedure is suited for tourists that want to stay in Cambodia for a maximum of 30 days.

Visa costs and average processing time

The above-mentioned cost of the Cambodia visa of € 59,95 per person is based on a normal processing time. This amounts to an average of one week. The processing time starts from the moment that both the cost has been met, and the required documents have been provided in good order. This concerns a passport scan and a digital passport photo for each traveller for whom a visa is being applied for. These documents can be easily uploaded to the website after payment
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Fee for optional urgent delivery

Travellers that are planning to arrive in Cambodia in the near future can apply for the visa through the urgency procedure. Check the option “urgent delivery” in the application form for this. An added fee of € 17,50 per visa is charged in this case. The application is then approved on average within 24 hours.
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The cost of the Cambodia visa can be paid for (without transaction costs) through:
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Build-up of the cost of the Cambodia visa

All costs on this page are total prices, including all consular and service costs.

The processing of the visa application for Cambodia consists of two steps. First, your application is manually checked by a visa specialist. They will check if the application form has been filled in correctly, and will review all uploaded documents. If the specialist believes that the information or documents have not been provided as per the requirements, you will be given the chance to provide them again. As soon as the documents have been deemed to be in order, the application is processed by the immigration service in Cambodia. There, the application is assessed and the visa is issued.

The services of the immigration service in Cambodia are compensated through the consular costs, and the services of the visa specialist through the service costs. The consular costs are set in US dollars ($36). The exact service costs can change depending on the exchange rate, but put together the consular and service costs always form the total amount of € 59,95 per person.

Processing times are never guaranteed

Visa applications for Cambodia are always processed manually. There is also always a chance that an application is selected for an extended random background check. Because of this, it cannot be guaranteed that the processing times mentioned on this page will always be reached. That is why average processing times are mentioned and not maximum processing times.

The difference between a “normal” and an urgently applied for visa for Cambodia is that the visa specialist will get to work on the application faster. With an urgent application, this is always within 24 hours, including in the weekends and during holidays. Urgent applications are given priority, often allowing them to be checked and submitted with the immigration service within an hour. This allows for issuing to take place on average within 24 hours, although this is expressly not a maximum delivery time.