The eTA (digital travel permit for Canada) cost depends on a number of aspects. If you submit the application through this website, you will save transactions costs and any exchange rate surcharges. Likewise, consular costs are always the same. All prices listed on this website are all-inclusive, meaning there won’t be any unwelcome surprises when you proceed with your payment.

Safe and easy payment methods

Applying for the eTA Canada with the online eTA form is very simple, in part because the cost can be safely and conveniently paid with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal. Regardless of the chosen payment method, no transaction costs of any kind are charged. Because the payment is processed immediately there is no delay in the eTA application. With urgent applications, this can lead to an approved eTA within 18 minutes.

No transaction costsPay online safely, without transaction costs!

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What does the eTA Canada cost consists of?

The total cost for acquiring an eTA is made up of several individual elements, including consular costs, application costs, transaction costs, exchange rate fluctuations and surcharges, costs for manual error checks, and digital processing/digital issuing.

If you submit your application through this website, you will not deal with all of these separate costs, but pay a single total price of €19,95. To do this, you fill in the eTA application form, pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal, and automatically receive an e-mail containing your eTA Canada. In other words, there are no extra costs after making the payment of €19,95. Another benefit of submitting your Canada eTA application through this website is the possibility of making use of the free customer service.

eTA Canada: no exchange rate surcharges when paying

Cost of exchange rate surcharges
The eTA is issued by the Canadian immigration service. As this is a Canadian organisation, the prices are expressed in Canadian Dollars. If you are paying with a different currency, this often means dealing with exchange rate surcharges. The amount of this surcharge is dependent on the currency, and the chosen payment method. The benefit of applying for your eTA Canada through is that you can avoid exchange rate surcharges altogether, as all prices are in pounds.

Geen koersopslag bij betaling voor eTA

No Transactions costs with credit card and PayPal
Normally, when paying with credit card or PayPal, transaction costs are charged on top of the usual purchase cost of the product. However, if you file for your visa through this website and pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal, you will not pay any transaction costs.

eTA Canada cost when urgent

It is also possible to have an eTA be processed with urgency. For this, an additional fee is charged, €17,50 per traveller. An eTA application that has been filed with urgency is on average granted within 18 minutes. However, delays are always a possibility, either due to an extended background check by the Canadian immigration service, or due to delays with your bank. As such, no guarantees can be given with regards to delivery time of the eTa Canada, even with urgent cases.