Are you going to study in Canada? You always need an eTA to follow a training course or study in Canada. If you want to take part in a study programme that lasts longer than six months, you will also need a Study Permit.

Take note: Due to the coronavirus rules in Canada, it is currently not possible to study in Canada without a Study Permit. The information on this page was applicable before the coronavirus crisis and will be applicable again after the crisis. Currently, all international students must obtain a Study Permit to study in Canada.

An eTA is sufficient for a short study in Canada

Are you travelling to Canada for a training, to study or on an exchange programme which does not last longer than 6 months? Then all you need is an eTA. You do not need to apply for a visa or Study Permit.

To be eligible for an eTA Canada, you must be a national of the United Kingdom, Ireland or another country on this list. This list includes all countries in the European Union, but also Australia, Norway and Switzerland.
Apply for the eTA Canada

Atudying in CanadaAn eTA is valid for tourists and business travellers, but can also be used to study in Canada

When to apply for a Study Permit?

You can also apply for a Study Permit. A Study Permit is an addition to the eTA Canada. In order to check in on a flight to Canada, you will always need an eTA. If you receive a Study Permit, you will automatically receive an eTA with it. A Study Permit application has two advantages:

With a Study Permit you can study in Canada longer

Are you travelling to Canada with en eTA but without a Study Permit? Then you cannot attend a study programme which lasts longer than six months. For example, you are not allowed to spread an 8 month study programme over two trips of 4 months each. You also cannot attend part of a study programme which lasts longer than 6 months in total. The only exceptions are travellers that are on an exchange programme. If the exchange programme does not last longer than six months, you do not need a Study Permit to take part in it. This is also the case if the exchange programme is part of a longer course or programme which lasts longer than six months in total.

With a Study Permit you are allowed to take a side job job

Do you only have an eTA Canada and no Study Permit? Then you are not allowed to have a side job in Canada. Universities sometimes offer opportunities to earn some extra money through a side job, on or off campus. With a Study Permit application, you can work on campus for up to 20 hours a week. With a Work Permit, you can also work off campus.

Als uw eTA Canada eerder verloopt dan uw Study Permit

Are you leaving Canada during your studies? For example, for a trip to the United States, or to return to your family and friends outside Canada? Be aware that you must have a valid eTA when you fly back to Canada to resume your studies. It can happen that your Study Permit is still valid, but your eTA visa is no longer valid, for instance because you acquired a new passport. In that case, you can apply for an eTA separately filling in the eTA form.