On this page you can read all about the validity of the eTA and how long it lasts. Make sure that your eTA is valid to avoid trouble during your trip and stay in Canada. Before you are allowed to travel to Canada, not only do you need to possess a valid visa or eTA, you also need to meet the requirements set for the usage of these documents.

Total validity period of the eTA

The validity period of the eTA Canada is generally five years. This term starts the moment it has been granted. However, this term can end earlier for two potential reasons:

  1. If the passport that was used to fill in the application form expires, the validity of the eTA expires alongside it. If you acquire a new passport, you need to apply for a new eTA.
  2. The Canadian immigration service is authorised to withdraw the validity if it is suspected that you no longer meet the eTA requirements. The immigration service is not required to give a specific reason.
=Tip on the validity of the eTA

Number of trips with a single eTA
The eTA Canada is valid for an unlimited number of trips which are made within the above-mentioned validity period. When filling in the application form, you fill in specific information about the first trip you will be making, such as the date of arrival. This, however, does not mean that you need to pass on this information for each subsequent trip. Even if your second trip has a different purpose, it is not necessary to submit a new application.

Validity of the eTA

What does the eTA mean for you?Validity period of the eTA: 6 months

With a valid eTA, you can stay in Canada for a maximum of six consecutive months per visit.

Valid travel purposes

The eTA can be used for the following travel purposes:
  • Holiday (tourism)
  • Visiting family or friends
  • Business trip/work*
  • Study**

* There are certain specific requirements tied to working in Canada with an eTA. Read more about this on the page on working in Canada.
** Only if the stay (including the study) in Canada lasts shorter than six months, is it possible to make use of the eTA without needing a special study permit. Read more about this on the page concerning studying in Canada.

Extension of the eTA Canada

Extending an approved eTA is not possible, but it is possible to submit a new application; you will then receive a new approval which is valid for another five years.

Combination with an ESTA

The eTA for Canada is comparable to the ESTA for the US. Are you flying through Canada to the US or the other way around? Then you need to apply for both an ESTA as well as an eTA. However, if you arrive in Canada by boat or by land, it is not necessary to apply for an eTA. You are then required to fill in another form which you will receive at the checkpoint of the Canadian immigration service.