Are you flying through Canada to another final destination outside of Canada? Then you generally also need an eTA (eTA meaning). This requirement does not only hold for transfers and transits through Canada, but can in certain cases also apply to stopovers for refuelling. The eTA can be applied for online in just five minutes.

OverstappenTransit in Canada

Transit in Canada

The obligation to apply for an eTA for a transfer or transit in Canada holds for all travel destinations. It does not matter if you are flying from Europe to the United States via a transit in Canada, or flying back to Europe. You must also always meet all of the requirements.

Apply for eTA Canada for transits in Canada

Not leaving the airport

The requirement to file for an eTA for transits and transfers in Canada also apply if you do not leave the airport in Canada. Because you are always required to possess an eTA for your transit or transfer in Canada, you are always allowed to leave the airport during the stopover period. No additional documents are required for this. You can even stay in Canada for six consecutive months with your eTA.

Exceptional stopover

There is a single exception where you do not need an eTA Canada for a flight through Canada. That is when you are on a transit to the United States and the aeroplane is only allowed to land in Canada to refuel. In that case, you cannot leave the airplane. You must also possess a visa or ESTA for America beforehand. In all other cases (including final destination Mexico or other countries), it is not allowed to make a stopover or transit in Canada without an eTA, even if you are not leaving the airplane during the stopover period.

Special transit-eTA

When to submit urgent application

There is no special transit-eTA; for your trip you can submit an ordinary eTA application. If you are in a hurry, you can submit an urgent application which will be granted on average within 18 minutes. The eTA cost for transits is also € 19,95.

Alternative to the eTA

In principle, there is no alternative to the eTA, although the obligation to file for an eTA (including for transits) does not hold for Canadian or American citizens that hold valid passports. Likewise, it is often not necessary to apply for an eTA if a Study Permit or Work Permit has been issued. This is because these permits automatically come with an eTA. Only if your passport expires after applying for a Study Permit or Work Permit, are you required to file for an eTA yourself.

Are you going to work in Canada with an eTA?
Then you also have to meet the requirements to work in Canada.

Are you going to study in Canada with an eTA?
Then you also have to meet the eTA requirements for eTA requirements for studying in Canada.