Do you want to transfit in Canada to a flight to another country? You also need an eTA for a transit. Applying for an eTA Canada is not complicated and can be done entirely online.

TransfersAn eTA is also required for transfers in Canada

Apply for an eTA for your transit in Canada

The requirement to apply for an eTA for a transit in Canada applies to all final destinations. For example, it makes no difference whether you fly from the UK to Mexico via a transfer in Canada, or whether you fly back to the UK from Mexico via a transit in Canada. However, you do have to take into account some of the requirements of the eTA.
Apply for an eTA for your transit

Even if you do not leave the airport in between

Are you not leaving the airport during your transfer in Canada? Then you still have to apply for an eTA. An eTA allows EU and UK citizens to stay in Canada for up to six months. That is why you can always leave the airport during your transfer. For example, for an overnight stay, but also for (part of) a holiday or a business purpose.

If you are only making a stopover

There is one exception. Are you flying to Canada for an onward flight to the United States of America and are you not getting off the plane in Canada? Then you do not need eTA. This applies if the aircraft only stops to refuel, but this is becoming less and less common. Bear in mind that you will only be allowed on board if you also comply with the immigration laws of the United States. In most cases this means that you have to apply for an ESTA visa. Are you landing in Canada for a transit flight to Mexico or another country? Then you must apply for an eTA Canada.

The eTA Canada is not linked to a single trip

In the application form, you cannot specify what you will be doing in Canada. It does not matter for your application whether you have a business or tourist travel purpose, or if you are just making a transfer. An eTA is valid for a maximum of five years for an unlimited number of trips. Once you have a valid eTA, you can use it for a transit in Canada, as well as for a business or tourist trip to Canada.

Urgent application?

Urgent delivery of eTA for a transfer
Are you planning to make the transit in Canada in just a few days? Then you can also submit an urgent application. On average, urgent applications are approved in 18 minutes. The cost of the eTA is € 19,95 per person. For urgent applications, a surcharge of € 17,50 per person applies.

Alternatives to the eTA

Do you have a Canada visa or passport? Or do you have an American passport? Then you do not need to apply for an eTA. Nor is it necessary to apply for an eTA if you have already received one with your work permit or study permit.