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Australia is a country with strict immigration and quarantine rules. It is important to know these rules before travelling to Australia. At the very least, you need to possess a valid ETA Australia.

An ETA Australia application can be easily submitted through this website. Make sure that the traveller meets the requirements which the Australian government has set for entering the country. Recently, it was once again revealed just how strict Australia checks incoming travellers. For instance, the Australian immigration service has been increasingly checking the phones of travellers. Travellers have to hand over their phone if the government asks them to. If they refuse to hand over personal belongings, the immigration service can decide to deny them entry.

Prison sentence for 21-year old student

The searching of a mobile phone even led to a prison sentence for a 21 year old student from India. The student had arrived in Australia but was acting suspicious. The Australian immigration service requested access to his phone.

The student had arrived in Australia on Tuesday October 9 2018, at the airport of Perth. There, the Australian officials checked his phone. He was sentenced the same week.

In this particular case, nine videos and six pictures were found containing illegal images. His Australia visa was withdrawn. A day later he had to appear in court. He received a sentence of eight months and was made to pay a hefty fine.

Providing access to phone - ETA Australia

It is not uncommon for the Australian government to request access to the phones of incoming travellers. This can happen if a traveller acts suspicious. In many cases, this concerns previous conversations in which the traveller lets slip that they want to work illegally in Australia. It is important to grant Australian officials access to your phone if asked to.

You are allowed to deny the request, but there is a high chance that the ETA Australia will then be withdrawn, and you are forced to return home. In neighboring New Zealand, a law was taken into use that makes it illegal for travellers to not hand over their phone or computer. Hefty fines can be the result. Customs in New Zealand were already authorized to search devices, but the law did not specify that travellers are required to hand over their passwords.

Australiaʼs strict quarantine and customs rules are well-known around the world. Every year, a large number of travellers have to deal with immigration or customs. In many cases, even the slightest doubt as to the sincerity of the traveller can lead to an ETA Australia being withdrawn. This is why it is very important to cooperate with any possible searches or investigations. By granting Australian officials access to personal belongings, an investigation can be completed in less than an hour. If permission is not granted, the investigation can last substantially longer.

ETA Australia application

When travelling to Australia, preparations need to be made in advance. For European travellers, including British nationals, there is a strict visa requirement. Without a visa, it is not possible to travel to Australia. Only holders of an Australian passport do not need to apply for a visa.

The visa check already takes place when boarding or checking-in at the airport. It is forbidden for airlines to take travellers along that do not possess a valid passport or visa. That is why it is important to apply for the Australia visa well in advance.

Keep in mind that children need to possess their own passport and visa. It is no longer allowed to just have children included in the passports of their parents. There are various types of Australia visa. Most travellers make use of the eVisitor visa, which allows for tourist and business trips. It also allows you to perform volunteer work, or attend a short study.

Applying for an ETA Australia is fast and easy. Filling in the application form takes a maximum of five minutes. It is also possible to submit a group application; this allows you to pay for all visas at once. This makes applying for the Australia visa a matter of minutes. The costs of the ETA Australia are € 24,95 per person. This amount can be paid through reliable payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. After payment, the application is processed right away.

You do require a valid passport when applying for the visa. An ETA Australia is generally approved within days and sent by e-mail. If you need a visa short-term, an urgent application can be submitted. The visa is then generally sent by e-mail within 3 days. The Australian government can sometimes take longer to process visa application due to its strict regulations. Apply for an ETA Australia on time.

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