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Soon, you will be able to apply for the Cambodia visa online through again. With the Cambodia visa, you can only enter the country at certain authorised arrival locations. FOr example, you can enter the country at a number of border crossings with neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. It is also possible to enter Cambodia at one of the three international airports.

Thai visa runs to Cambodia

Soon, tourists in Thailand and foreign nationals in the country can travel from Pattaya to Cambodia to extend their Thai visa. These trips to Cambodia are organised by minivan and are available for holders of different Thai visa types. In the past few years, it was not possible to extend Thai visas in Cambodia, but now this service has been resumed.

Thermal springs at the Thai-Cambodia border town of Pong Nam Ron

Because of the nearby thermal springs, the location (Ban) Pong Nam Ron is particularly well-known. These springs have a temperature of around 39 °C and are surrounded by gardens with trees, such as durian and longan trees. The durian tree produces edible fruits of the same name the size of a watermelon with a shell more prickly than that of a pineapple. However, the durian fruit has such a strong and penetrating odour that in most hotels, trains and other public places, it is forbidden to carry the fruit with you. In comparison to the unpleasant smell, the durian fruit has a pleasant, slightly sweet and tart taste. As such, the fruit is a common ingredient in Southeast Asian cuisine. The fruit from the longan tree is much less contentious and is similar in appearance to lychees.

Travelling to Cambodia from neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Vietnam or Laos

Travellers that want to travel to Cambodia from one of its neighbouring countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam or Laos, require a Cambodia visa. The Cambodia visa can be applied for online from one of the neighbouring countries. Keep in mind that the Cambodia visa only allows you to enter the country at one of the authorised arrival locations. You can enter Cambodia from Thailand by land at the Cambodian border crossings at Cham Yeam or (Krong) Poipet. With the Cambodia visa, you can only travel from Vietnam to Cambodia at the Cambodian border crossing at Bavet (in the province of Svay Rieng). You can only travel to Cambodia from Laos at Tropaeng Kreal (Stung Treng). It is also possible to enter Cambodia at one of the international airports in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap or Sihanoukville (Preah Sihanouk).

Leaving Cambodia within the validity of the visa

Travellers only meet the requirements of the Cambodia visa if they enter the country at one of the authorised arrival locations. With the Cambodia visa, you can exit Cambodia at every border crossing, as long as the traveller meets the requirements for travelling to the designated neighbouring country. This is possible at nearly all Cambodian airports and border crossings. In total, a stay in Cambodia with this visa cannot exceed 30 consecutive days. The Cambodia visa has a maximum validity of 90 days. Visa applications for Cambodia are usually granted within 7 days. In the case of an urgent application, the delivery time is on average 4 days. From the moment the visa is granted, you have 90 days to travel to Cambodia.

Travelling to Cambodia from Thailand with the Cambodia visa

Cham Yeam, situated in the Cambodian province of Koh Kong, lies on the Gulf of Thailand. In addition to being the border crossing where you can enter Cambodia from Thailand, this beach town is known for Koh Kong Beach. Approximately 400 km north of Cham Yeam is the Cambodian town of Poipet, where the other authorised arrival location from (or into) Thailand is located.

Travelling to Cambodia from the United Kingdom or Ireland

Are you not travelling to Cambodia by land from a neighbouring country? That is not a problem at all. You can still use the Cambodia visa. With the Cambodia visa, you can also enter the country at the international airport of the capital Phnom Penh or at the airports of the slightly smaller towns of Siem Reap or Sihanoukville. Many travellers choose to arrive at the airport of Siem Reap in the province of Preah Sihanouk because the famous Angkor is situated not too far from this airport. Angkor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can find the evocative temple complex of Angkor Wat and many other astonishing temples.

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