News report | | 07-04-2022 | ±2 minutes reading time

In order to further stimulate tourism growth, the government of Cambodia has decided to reintroduce the Cambodia visa on arrival. As the name suggests, this visa can be obtained upon arrival in Cambodia.

Visas suspended due to Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Cambodia had to temporarily suspend its visa system. The infection and death rate in Cambodia was low from the beginning, especially compared to neighbouring countries like Vietnam. This was largely due to the particularly restrictive measures taken by the Cambodian government. Cambodia also boasted one of the highest vaccination rates in Southeast Asia. After a peak of infection in February due to the Omicron variant, the number of cases is decreasing again. Since March, there have been fewer than 200 infections per week.

The Cambodian government has therefore decided to ease restrictions. This also applies to visa applications. The government hopes that this will attract more tourists and business travellers and revive the economy.

Covid-19 test no longer mandatory

The Cambodian government has announced that fully vaccinated travellers no longer need to take a PCR test before departure. A rapid test on arrival is also no longer mandatory, although recommended. Travellers who are not fully vaccinated can travel to Cambodia, but must spend 14 days in quarantine.

Cambodia visa on arrival now available

The Cambodia visa on arrival, which can be received at the airport, has been made available again. Like all types of visas, it was temporarily unavailable due to Covid-19. The Cambodia visa on arrival is available at Siem Reap (REP) and Phnom Pehn (PNH) airports and at all land borders. To obtain a visa on arrival, one must present a photograph of the passport, which must be valid for at least 6 more months and contain two blank pages. The visa fee must be paid cash and in dollars. Travellers headed to Cambodia via air can fill out the application form on the plane. However, travellers will need to line up on arrival to hand over the completed form to an immigration officer. It will not be possible to leave the airport until the visa has been approved.

E-visa as a popular alternative to visa on arrival

The Cambodia e-visa can now also be applied for again. Unlike the visa on arrival, the e-visa is applied for online before departure. This means that there is certainty about the visa before departure, whereas in case of a visa on arrival, the application may be rejected at the airport in Cambodia. As with the visa on arrival, the passport used to apply for the e-visa must be valid for at least 6 months from the time of arrival in Cambodia. However, no blank pages are required as the visa is not stamped into the passport. Instead, the visa is sent out by email and has to be printed out in two copies, which must be presented on entry and exit.