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Getting a credit card can sometimes be a difficult ordeal. Not everyone possesses one, while others consciously choose not to apply for one. The idea behind this is that you cannot spend money that you do not have.

However, there are still plenty of situations where a credit card can come in handy. For example, when applying for an eTA Canada, or to book a hotel room. We decided to investigate in how far it is possible to travel to Canada without a credit card.

Canada is a credit card country

Good to know for everyone travelling to Canada: Canada is a credit card country. This means that like in the United States and the UK, paying is usually done with a credit card. Frequent visitors to other European countries will quickly spot the difference; in countries such as The Netherlands, the debit card is king. These kinds of countries have embraced the notion of “money not had is money not spent”.

To curb the rising number of people in debt in the UK, the rules surrounding applying for a credit card became more strict. This means that people with a low income can sometimes find themselves unable to apply for one. However, this is in no way a reason to entirely give up on a trip to Canada. There are other ways to still get a credit card, for example through a prepaid credit card. Better yet, getting the electronic travel authorisation eTA Canada does not necessarily require a credit card at all.

eTA Canada without credit card

People that apply for an eTA Canada quickly find out that to pay for it, they need a credit card. However, applying for an eTA through us removes this problem altogether. This is because offers the possibility to also pay via PayPal, meaning a credit card is no longer required. This is in fact one of the reasons PayPal rose to such prominence so quickly: it offers a quick alternative to credit card payment.

Of course, it is still possible to pay with credit card on this website, just not mandatory. This means that any applicants on our site looking to get an eTA Canada do not need to purchase a credit card just to submit an application.

eTA Canada requirements

It is important to keep in mind that all travellers to Canada require a visa or eTA to travel to Canada. Failure to acquire either one will make it impossible to board the plane. Like the United States, Canada introduced a special program, the eTA system. The UK is part of this program, meaning it is no longer necessary for British travellers to apply for a Canada visa at the Canadian embassy.

eTA is an abbreviation and stands for Electronic Travel Authorization. This means that it is not a visa but a travel authorisation to travel to Canada. You are always checked for possession of an eTA Canada. That is why travellers need to already possess their digital travel authorisation when boarding at the airport. Those that cannot present this document are not allowed to get on the flight. Children also need to possess their own eTA Canada.

There are various requirements. An eTA Canada is always valid for five years. During these five years, you can fly to Canada an unlimited number of times. However, each visit can only last a maximum of six months. The passport must be valid for at least one more day after you leave Canada.

It does not matter if you are applying for an eTA Canada for a business trip, family visit or transit. Keep in mind that the Canadian government can at all times revoke or shorten an eTA if it sees any cause to do so. On arrival, the traveller must be able to present an onward or return flight ticket.

The trip must be for business, tourism or to study. This includes visiting family or friends. A business trip is therefore permitted, but entering into service with a Canadian employer is not.

eTA Canada application

Applying for an eTA Canada can be easily done through this website. Applying only takes about 5 minutes and the costs of an eTA Canada are € 29,95 per person. Each application is checked manually. Make sure your application is free of any errors, as this can cause serious issues during your trip.

Payment can be done through Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal. The application is then processed within 72 hours. Submitting an urgent application is also possible. You will then receive the eTA Canada within 18 minutes.

Accommodation without credit card

Once the application has been taken care of, you can travel to Canada without a credit card. Make sure to book your hotels in advance by paying via PayPal. We still recommend getting a prepaid credit card. This is a card that you can put money on whenever you wish. This way, you can be sure you will be able to make use of all the facilities Canada has to offer.

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